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Autumn One Integrated Learning Unit

Please see the integrated learning unit below for our first exciting topic 'Around the World'.  For a more detailed breakdown of subject specific knowledge, skills and vocabulary your child will learn this half term, please view the curriculum tab. 


Resources to Support Children's Learning at Home


Below you will find some resources to help you support your child as they work to achieve their personal targets or consolidate their learning at home.


Phonics and Reading Resources:

Writing Resources:

Maths Resources:

Welcome Meeting 15th September 2022


Thank you to those of you who attended our parent and carer welcome meeting.  Those of you who were unable to attend should have received an information letter home in your child's book bag.  Attached below is a copy of the letter for your reference.

Welcome information for parents/carers:


Welcome back to school and a very warm welcome to Robins Class.  This year the children in Robins will be taught by myself (Mrs Foster).  Their learning will be supported by Miss Drake, Mrs Lambelle and Mrs Dumper.  Miss Drake will also cover the class two afternoons a week, with support from Mrs Lambelle and Mrs Dumper.  We have had a super start to the new school year and the adults are thrilled to have such wonderful children in the class.  We have enjoyed hearing about the variety of experiences each child had during the summer holidays and we are excited to be embarking upon a new adventure together.  


During these first few weeks of school our priority has been helping all children settle into their new learning environment and helping them begin to grow in confidence in their new setting.  We have reminded the children of the Foxy Rules and together as a class we have created our class charter for the year ahead.  Through the first concept studied in our RSHE curriculum (living in the wider world), the children have been learning about their rights and responsibilities, with a focus on establishing new rules and routines so that children are able to keep themselves and others safe within the classroom and the wider school environment.  They shared mature suggestions when designing their own ideal classroom.  In addition to helping the children understand their rights and responsibilities, we have enjoyed helping them build relationships with the adults that work in the class and witnessing them make new friends and restore existing friendships with their friends from Year R and 1.  


We have also spent time helping the children in Robins develop an understanding of our new CLEAR values.  These values were co-constructed amongst the Foxhills Federation team and will underpin the ethos, culture and education on offer throughout their journey with us.  As we have done previously, to help children at the Infant School fully understand and be able to relate to these values we have personified each value with a new learning puppet.  Therefore, the children have spent some time learning about the special learning powers of: Caring Coco, Learning Lenny, Engaging Enzo, Achiever Ali and Reflective Rex.  Already the children are showing a high level of engagement with the puppets and are beginning to talk about their aspirations to develop the CLEAR values.  


I will endeavour to keep this web page up to date with class specific correspondence and resources to help you support your child's learning at home.  Spellings, home learning and further resources will be provided via Google Classroom as it was in Year One.  


Should you wish to discuss your child's wellbeing or progress with me at any time, please feel free to see me at the end of the school day, or contact the school office to schedule a phone call.  I am available daily and am genuinely always happy to help.  I strongly believe that communication is the key to a successful year and I look forward to working closely with the Robins and their families throughout the academic year.