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Year 2 - Robins


Happy Easter!

Tomorrow marks the first official day of the Easter holidays and with that, the Year 2 team are wishing you and your family a lovely Easter break! We have made available for you some Easter-themed fun music activities under the 'Additional Activities - Topic' tab if you do wish to do any learning over the two week break. Regular weekly key-learning tasks will resume after Easter.


Thank you everybody for doing your bit to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by staying at home and only sending your children to school if you absolutely have to. 

Mrs Flood


Update 27th March 2020

Last week the Year 2 team said a reluctant goodbye to the children as the school closed to the majority of our pupils. Not knowing when we will be welcoming them back has been difficult for children as well as adults. To support you at home, we will continue to upload weekly optional tasks for Maths and Literacy as well as making available a further range of ideas to parents. However, it is most important that you and your families stay well and active where possible. We appreciate what a tricky time it is and reiterate that the priority for all of us is our children's health and wellbeing. Spending time outside where possible and doing a range of family activities as well as some educational activities will help provide routine and mental as well as physical wellbeing at this time. 

We wish you all the best and hope to be reunited soon. Stay safe!

Mrs Flood



Update Reading 20th March 2020:

In order to keep your children reading at home as much as possible the children who have been in school this last week have brought home 5 Library books. We would like to thank Mrs Miell for sorting this out for the children. We thought it would also be useful to share with you all that World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 e-books and audio books available for free for all children to access at home. They have e-books suitable for all ages. Click on the link below to access them. 

World Book Online

At Home Learning During School Closure Time

School Closure Information

As many of you are aware, schools across the UK will be closing from Friday 20th March to the majority of children to contain the outbreak of the disease Covid-19 caused by coronavirus.

If both parents or, in a single parent household, one parent are key workers (the exact definition of key workers will be laid out by the government shortly but to name some examples this will be NHS workers, delivery workers, or police staff) the children of these parents may be entitled to care from the school during school closures to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Please contact the school immediately if all adults will remain at work and are unable to provide care for children affected by school closures. If you are a key worker and there will be no other adult in your household to care for your children, please let the school know by Friday 20th March as you will have to send your child in to be looked after by school staff in the following weeks. 

During closure time, we are providing at home learning tasks that are to be completed on a voluntary basis. None of these activities are mandatory, although it would greatly help your child to continue their education at home during times of school closure. Going forward, we will provide one key learning task for both Writing and Maths per week. This will encompass an activity that can be completed either over one day or over a range of days, occasionally in a range of contexts. As well as these two key tasks, we highly encourage you to read with your children daily. The aim of this is to provide structure to any learning you are doing at home with your children. These tasks do not need to be printed out and can be completed on any kind of paper at home. If you do not have access to paper and pencils, please contact the school. Additionally to this, there will be a wide range of ideas and suggested resources should you choose to go beyond the weekly learning task for Writing and Maths. These are more broad and some of them do require printing. We are also working on providing a suggested timetable should you wish to provide a learning-led routine for your children throughout the week in a similar vein to what school would provide and would like some additional guidance for timings of this.


The Year 2 team wishes you all a safe and happy time at home and we are looking forward to welcoming you back in accordance with government timelines when these are released. 


Mrs Flood




Time has been flying past these last few weeks! The Great Fire of London workshop was an absolute blast and all the children have been enjoying the variety of learning and activities that we have been doing in class in theme with the Great Fire of London. By now, we know pretty well how the fire started, why it spread so quickly, and also how London changed after the fire! We are now giving our Foxhills Historians a break as they turn into scientists to investigate a range of materials and their uses. 


As a response to the outbreak of Coronavirus, a growing number of children and adults are having to self-isolate at home and as a result are unable to come to school. To enable you to keep up the fantastic learning at home we have started putting together At Home - Learning packs that can be accessed and printed out from the class pages so you can keep up to date with what we are doing in class. For now, these are not additional to school-based learning as most of them are activities we are working through in class but rather 'instead of' packs for those having to self-isolate. As a result of this, not all of the activities are accessible to all children independently and we appreciate the grown-ups' help at home with this. They are also not designed to be completed in one sitting. If you do complete some of the work or choose to create your own learning activities in line with our current Learning Objectives, please do bring any written work in upon return of your child. Some parents like to annotate their children's work to give the teacher a better idea of their children's learning and level of independence with certain tasks - this is also greatly appreciated.


Current Learning Objectives:

Writing: To use the range of writing skills learned over the course of the past two terms by creating a non-fiction booklet about the Great Fire of London.

The sections of the booklet are as follows: Introduction, The Night the Fire Began, During the Fire, After The Fire, Ways of Fighting the Fire, King Charles II's Commands.

The skills and knowledge we are applying are as follows: capital letters to demarcate sentence boundaries; punctuation, including full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas in lists (apples, bananas and pears), apostrophes for contractions (you're, couldn't, don't) and possession (Thomas's, the king's); cursive, joined up handwriting; using coordinating (and, or, but, so) and subordinating (when, if, that, because) conjunctions; using a range of sentence starters including time-connectives (first, then, next), adverbial (Sadly, Unfortunately...), prepositional (Along the Thames, Inside the house...); keeping tense consistent and accurate throughout writing (past and present tense verbs); editing and proofreading our own writing; spelling words with suffixes (-less, -ful, -ly, -ment) correctly and spelling common exception words correctly. 


Maths: To recall and use multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables. To calculate mathematical statements for multiplication (4 x 5 = 20) and use this to solve problems in context (If there are 10 people and they each need three sheets of paper, how many sheets of paper do they need altogether?). The children have been taught to solve multiplication problems using pictorial grouping, repeated addition, arrays and concrete apparatus. We will be moving on to division shortly, where similar strategies will be applied.


Science: To recognise that all objects are made from materials. That materials have different properties and uses. That some hard materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting etc.


Reading: To understand the books they read by answering and asking questions, making inferences on the basis of what is being said and done. To read accurately quickly and accurately. To read unfamiliar words by blending the sounds in words. Asking your child to read to you daily and asking them questions - both questions where the answer is stated literally in the text and questions that require the child to make inferences - will strengthen their reading comprehension. As the children are working through some practice 'challenges' at school (SATs papers), we are providing previous years' papers for you to practise at home. 


We hope you and your families continue to have a safe, happy half term!


Mrs Flood

What a super half term we are having! I have been very impressed with how enthusiastic the Robins are in their learning about the Titanic. They were a pleasure to take to SeaCity Museum and behaved very well at all times.  I am grateful to the parents who volunteered their time to help make this trip possible. Thank you for your support.


As always, please feel free to talk to me at the classroom door if you have any questions or concerns. Our next Topic will be the Great Fire of London and we are positive the children will take to this with excitement as well!


Mrs Flood






Merry Christmas everybody!


After a very successful run of our I'm Gonna Shine performances last week we have been enjoying preparing all of the crafts and decorations for our Winter Fayre. Needless to say, the first ever Foxhills Infants School Winter Fayre was a resounding success! 


Over the Christmas holidays, there are some optional homework activities to complete. These can be worked on throughout the next half term as well as during the holidays and your children will be able to collect some monster points for successful completion of all or some of the activities.


We hope you all have a restful and festive Winter Break and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year - we are back at school on the 6th January and will be assigning parent evening slots to be handed out around then as well. 


Mrs Flood




What a lovely week it has been!


The Year 2 children acted as fantastic tour guides to some parents on Monday on our Open Day. Showing the adults and their little ones around was a big task but we were very impressed with how responsibly they told them all about wonderful Foxhills!


On Tuesday we really enjoyed seeing all the children in colourful clothes for non-uniform day and we really appreciate all of the donations that we had coming in throughout the week. 


Tomorrow there is an exciting dodgeball taster session happening for Key Stage 1 after which there will be a Dodgeball club starting on Thursdays at 4:30pm. 


The spellings for this week ready for Friday can now also be found at the bottom of this page.


As always please don't hesitate to talk to your child's teacher with any concerns or questions. 


Mrs Flood



Happy New Half-Term!


Welcome back to all the wonderful Robins. This term, our Topic is 'To The Rescue!' which was introduced through our fantastic dress up day. The children all had a lot of fun coming as their historical and everyday heroes. We had Emmeline Pankhurst, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Doctor Helen Sharman, astronauts, teachers, vets, nurses, doctors, soldiers, athletes and many more coming through the door. 

This term, the children will learn more about Florence Nightingale and Grace Darling as we discover the different ways in which bravery and perseverance can help you achieve your dreams.


We have already received some completed homework and are looking forward to more (bit by bit - like we wrote in the letter, we are more than happy for the children to keep working on this throughout the term) coming in so we can award some much-deserved monster points!


As always please feel free to come talk to me at the door with any questions or concerns. 


Mrs Flood

Welcome to Robins Class!


Dear children and parents, welcome to Year 2! We hope you all had a great summer break and are looking forward to seeing you all again after the Transition Days. This year, you will be working with myself (Mrs Flood), Mrs Baker and Mr Bryant!


If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to come see me either before or after school or ring the school office for an appointment if you would rather we meet in a more formal setting.


Mrs Flood