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Year 2 - Owls

Superheroes - To The Rescue!


We have had a fantastic first day back, dressing up as a variety of superheroes. The children enjoyed getting to showcase their superheroes by creating Top Trumps Card for them - we had Captain America, Wonder Woman, Miss NHS and even Super-Dad attending our fabulous Topic Day. The children also enjoyed Skipping Day and our first DT Day of the academic year which focused on ingredient use and shaping techniques and resulted in some truly delicious biscuits!

As we move closer to Christmas, the children will no doubt continue to impress us with their hard work and resilience in learning. Please continue to email us any learning completed at home - our emails can be found on the half term homework handed out at the end of last term.


Miss Ukena



In Year 2, we have had a busy start to the term. We have dived straight into our topic of ‘around the world’, through writing statements about Africa and writing questions about Asia. In maths, we have been building numbers and identifying ten more and ten less. We have been noticing patterns and practicing justifying our answers to prove how we know. In Art, we have looked closely at the illustrator Quentin Blake. We practiced using his technique to draw some of his famous characters. In Science, we discussed how we know something is alive. We were very good at being scientists and justifying how we knew whether it was alive or dead. We are looking forward to exploring our topic more through history and geography in the weeks to come.




Welcome to Owls Class!


Dear children and parents, welcome to Year 2! We hope you all had a great summer break and are looking forward to seeing you all again after the Transition Days. This year, you will be working with myself (Miss Ukena), Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Wright!


If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to come see me either before or after school or ring the school office for an appointment if you would rather we meet in a more formal setting.


Miss Ukena