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Year 1 - Hedgehogs


Courageous Columbus!


Welcome back to school, Hedgehogs.  I hope you had a wonderful, safe and happy Easter break.  We were so proud of you for how quickly you settled back in to school routines.


After an exciting hunt for clues on the nature trail, we discovered that this half term we will be learning all about Christopher Columbus. For a breakdown of the concepts covered in each subject and the crucial knowledge you will learn, please see our Year One Curriculum Overview.  Remember you can find out more about our curriculum, by viewing the curriculum tab and you can also use Google Classroom to explore other helpful resources, if you wish to consolidate your learning further at home. 


Well done for your ongoing hard work! 




Thank you to the wonderful hedgehogs and their very supportive families for the high levels of engagement with our learning journeys, during this period of remote learning.  Your support has enabled us to continue delivering our curriculum to all pupils, whether physically in the classroom or engaging via Google Classroom. 


We can't wait to welcome our children who have been learning at home back to school, to reunite the class once more.  

While We Can't Hug

I hope this story puts a smile on your faces, children. It did mine! Take care, Hedgehogs.


Happy New Year, Hedgehogs!   I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas break, despite it being a little different this year for many of us.


I would like to say a huge thank you to the children who attempted some or all of the optional home learning tasks provided for the Christmas break.  It has been wonderful seeing the outcomes of your hard work submitted via Google Classroom.  I particularly enjoyed watching the videos of you performing your poems and I am very proud of each and every one of you for your confidence and enthusiasm, when engaging with home learning opportunities. 


If you have not yet joined our Google Classroom, I encourage you to do so.  This is the platform that will be used for all future remote learning.  You can find your log in details on a sticker inside the front page of your reading logs.  If you have misplaced your log-in details or are struggling to gain access to Google Classroom, I urge you to contact the school office at your earliest convenience.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Warm wishes.


Miss Dyer


Partitioning Numbers

Learn that numbers can be partitioned into two or more parts and learn how to represent this using the part-whole model.


Whatever the Weather


The children in Hedgehogs Class returned to school after half term and immediately settled back into the class routines.  They were very excited to receive a message from a meteorologist, who has just moved here from abroad.  He explained that he was feeling nervous about his new job because he doesn’t know much about the weather in the United Kingdom yet.  The children were very quick to volunteer their assistance, therefore beginning our next project, ‘Whatever the Weather!’ 


Without a moment to lose the children became ‘Weather Watchers’ and rushed to the nature trail to experience the current weather conditions.  We were very fortunate in that during our short welly walk the children managed to find a number of clouds, bright sunshine, rain, wind and even a rainbow!   This half term we will be investigating patterns in geography and therefore will be keeping a weather chart to track both seasonal and daily weather patterns.


The children will explore the following texts this half term:

  • ‘When the Rains Come – Tom Pow’ (a narrative with a non-linear time sequence)
  • ‘A Rainbow of My Own – Don Freeman’ (narratively complex: written in the first person) 
  • Symbolic texts such as, ‘Cloudette - Tom Lichtenheld’ and the poem ‘The Wind – Christina Rossetti’
  • Non-fiction texts and other stories such as; ‘The Wind Blew – Pat Hutchings’, ‘Kipper’s Book of Weather – Mike Inkpen’ and ‘Elmer’s Weather – David McGee’ will be read aloud to children, along with the following poems; ‘Bed in Summer – Robert Louis Stevenson’ and ‘Out and About Poems – Shirley Hughes’


The vocabulary focus for this half term is using adjectives (blue words) to improve both spoken and written Standard English.  Please see our Colour-Coded Grammar posters below, if you would like to consolidate your understanding of word classes at home.


Congratulations to all of the children who completed their half term homework.  I am very proud of each and every one of you!  Well done to all of the children who have been working on their personal targets at home too.  Keep up the super work, Hedgehogs!

Updates for parents


As many of you will have noticed, the teaching team in Hedgehogs now includes Miss Dinnick.  Miss Dinnick will be with us Monday – Thursday each week during her teaching placement.  It has been lovely to welcome her to the team.


This half term, our PE lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, instead of Mondays and Tuesdays.  Therefore, please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school each week by Wednesday.  We will send all PE kits home to be washed on Fridays.  In addition to this, please remember that children with earrings should not wear them to school on PE days. 


Thank you for your engagement with our telephone parents’ evening appointments and for your support with home learning.  It is greatly appreciated.  

Parent's Evening Resources To Support Home Learning

Phonics - Blending to read

Fred needs your help! Fred knows his pure sounds ... can you help him blend these to read?

Phonics - Set 3 Sounds

Continue to practise reading and recognising the special friends to help Fred read the Set 3 sounds.

Phonics - Set 2 Sounds

Fred learns to read the Set 2 sounds - Can you help Fred recognise the special friends?

Phonics - Set 1 Sounds

Can you help Fred revisit the Set 1 sounds?

Phonics Resources (to support reading and spelling at home)



Snails, Tails and the Nature Trail


The children have embarked upon their first topic, ‘Snails, Tails and the Nature Trail’.  They enthusiastically explored the nature trail, using their observational skills and plant classification guides to find out more about the wild plants that grow in the New Forest.  To find out more about the knowledge and skills that your child will learn during this half term, please read our Year One Curriculum Overview. 


This week we have focussed on letter formation in writing lessons and on counting in ones in maths lessons.  If you would like to support your child’s learning at home, please watch the series of handwriting learning videos that can be found lower down on this page and help your child practise forming pre-cursive lower-case in the right direction, ensuring that they remember the leading in and leading out strokes, form letters the right size and keep all of their letters positioned appropriately on the line.  In addition to this, it would greatly benefit your child’s maths learning, if you could help them practise counting forwards either from 0 or counting on from a given number.  In addition to this, they could practise counting backwards from a given number. 


We have sent our first list of spellings home with the children this week.  They will be tested on their spellings every Friday and we will send their spelling book home so that you can see how they performed.  Each Friday we will also teach the children the new spelling rule, before sending home a list of words for them to practise for the following week. 


We are thrilled with how well the children are doing already and are grateful for your support in helping them settle into their new class in the mornings.  If you would like to discuss anything with me, please see me outside at the end of the school day or phone the school office to request a call back.  

Handwriting at Foxhills (Video 1)

A video introduction for grown ups, to help you help them with their handwriting.

Forming Letters in the 'c' Family (Video 2)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'c' family correctly.

Forming Letters in the 'l' Family (Video 3)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'l' family correctly.

Forming Letters in the 'r' Family (Video 4)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'r' family correctly.

Forming Letters in the 'z' Family (Video 5)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'z' family correctly.

Handwriting Size (Video 6)

Practise keeping your letters an accurate and consistent size and position in relation to the line.

Handwriting Challenges (Video 7)

Apply your knowledge of letter formation to challenge yourself just like Achiever Ace.

Bottom Joins (Video 8)

Begin learning cursive handwriting by practising joining these letters on the line.

Top Joins (Video 9)

Learn to use horizontal joining strokes to join the letters 'o', 'r', 'v' and 'w'.

Capital Letters (Video 10)

Learn how to form capital letters accurately.


Transition Update


Our first week back to school has been a huge success.  The children in Hedgehogs have settled in very quickly and their behaviour has been fantastic!  We have reminded ourselves of the Foxy rules, learned some new behaviour principles designed to help keep ourselves and others safe in school and we have created and signed our Hedgehogs class charter. 


The children have played lots of games with their friends, their teachers and with Prickles the hedgehog and have revisited the school learning values, displayed by Creative Cam, Achiever Ace, Responsible Roo and Engaging Eddie. 


This week the children have enjoyed listening to the following stories:

  • While We Can’t Hug – Eoin McLaughlin
  • Only One You – Linda Kranz
  • Little Hedgehog’s Big Day – Daniel and Heidi Howarth
  • The Very Hungry Hedgehog – Rosie Wellesley
  • The Very Helpful Hedgehog – Rosie Wellesley
  • Wide Awake Hedgehog – Rosie Wellesley
  • Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog – Karen Inglis
  • Muddypaws Goes to School – Peter Bently
  • Sidney Goes to School – Sharon Rentta
  • Bunny Loves to Learn – Bunny Loves to Learn – Peter Bently


We had some great discussions about their likes, dislikes and preferences within these narratives and facilitated discussion, making links between books by the same author.  In addition to plenty of stories, the children worked hard to remember the speed sounds that they learned during the previous academic year.  They also completed several spelling, maths and handwriting assessments, in order for us to personalise their learning as much as possible, once our learning journeys begin next week. 


Mrs Card and I are thrilled with the children's resilience and super attitude to learning.  We are really enjoying getting to know each child better and we can’t wait to begin our first topic, ‘Snails, Tails and the Nature Trail.’ 


Thank you to all the parents and carers of children in Hedgehogs Class for your support in the children’s transition into their new class.




Welcome to Hedgehogs!



Welcome back to school and a very warm welcome to Hedgehog Class.  This year the children in Hedgehogs will be working with myself (Miss Dyer) and our teaching assistant Mrs Card.  We can’t wait to embark upon a new adventure together and are looking forward to hearing about the variety of experiences each child has had during their time off school. 


Mrs Card and I (along with Prickles the hedgehog of course) really enjoyed our Zoom transition meeting with those of you who were able to attend.  We are aware that many children will naturally be nervous about their return to school, particularly as this year has been rather unusual and formal education has not been the same for quite some time.  In our first week of school our priority will be to help children settle into their new learning environment.  We will teach children to understand new rules and routines with a focus on how to keep themselves and others safe within the adapted school environment.  In addition to ensuring the children build relationships with the adults in the class, we will help them make new friendships and restore existing friendships with children, whom they may not have seen for some time. 


As the children’s confidence with new routines and responsibilities develops, we will work in a timely manner to ensure that all children are provided with opportunities to catch up on any gaps that may have arisen in their learning.  This will be different for every child and we will identify their learning needs through a range of assessments. 


I will endeavour to keep this web page up to date with correspondence and resources to help you support your child’s learning at home.  Should you require access to any other resources or wish to discuss your child’s wellbeing or progress with me, please feel free to see me outside at the end of the school day or contact the school office to request a phone call.   I am available daily and am always more than happy to help.


Please keep an eye out for our next update, which will include an overview of the year one curriculum and the topics that we will cover this year.


I look forward to working closely with you throughout the academic year.


Best wishes.


Miss Dyer