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Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Step 1: I am learning to recognise and name common 2D shapes. 


Identify and name 2D shapes. 

Match 2D shapes with names.

Draw the same shape from smallest to biggest. 



Make a repeating shape pattern.

Make a picture using different 2D shapes, label the shapes you have used. 



Match the other half of a given shape. 

Finish partly drawn shapes. 

Year One Phonics - Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Year One Phonics - Thursday 4th June 2020

Can you help F-r-e-d to read and spell words containing 'ee' and 'ea'?

Year One Phonics - Friday 5th June 2020

Can you help F-r-e-d practise reading and spelling words containing 'oo' and 'ew'?

Year One English - Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Welcome to the first of our English home learning videos to support those of you who are not currently in school. This week we are learning all about new rul...

Year One English - Thursday 4th June 2020

Join Gilbert and Rita under the sea for the next part of their adventure.

Year One English - Friday 5th June 2020

Enjoy our final adventure with Gilbert and Rita.

Update for parents and children 1st June 2020


Hi Hedgehogs!


I hope you had a wonderful half term and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had.  I have been thinking of you all.  As you are aware, this week brings further change for many, as we welcome a number of you back to school on Wednesday 3rd June.  For those children returning, we look forward to seeing you again and can’t wait to hear all about your time at home.


For the children who are not returning to school we will continue to upload home learning resources to our class page.  Due to the fact that some children will be being taught in school full time, we will be providing daily home learning tasks for phonics, reading, writing and maths, rather than weekly.  These will be accompanied by teaching videos.  Please do remember that these are optional, however, for those of you wishing to complete the home learning, I do hope you find them useful. 


The children who will be attending school will continue to have phonics first thing.  For each phonics session we will upload a video, as well as a PowerPoint of resources for you to use at home with your child, if you wish.  Because most of the children have learned all of their set 1, 2 and 3 sounds now, we will be revisiting sounds through sound families.  The phonics sessions are structured in a way that your child will be familiar with from school, however, we will focus on recapping two sounds each day and not necessarily in the order that the children have been doing. 


After phonics, the children in school will have English.  Rather than a specific learning journey for reading and a learning journey for writing, we will be using a text each week that enables the children to apply their reading and writing knowledge and skills in different ways.  There are daily English videos to support this.  I have also uploaded some handwriting videos, if this is an area you feel your child would benefit from practising.  In addition to the English videos, which focus on reading comprehension, it is still beneficial to listen to your child read regularly. 


After play time the children will have maths, during which we will be beginning a new learning, focussing on fractions.  In the afternoons the children will have PSHRE lessons, focusing on new rules and routines, our well-being and keeping ourselves safe.  In addition to this, the children will have PE lessons and topic based activities across the curriculum.  Each week these will be linked to a theme for children in Year R right through to Year 2.  We will upload all of the resources for these topics to our class page each week, but please remember that none of it is compulsory.


As Mrs Howe explained in her letter, we will be unable to make regular phone calls home, as we will be back in class full time, however, please do call or send an email to me via the office if you need to discuss anything or for any advice with home learning and I will respond to you as soon as I can. 


For now, take care, stay safe and enjoy yourselves.


Very best wishes.


Miss Dyer

Handwriting at Foxhills (Video 1)

A video introduction for grown ups, to help you help them with their handwriting.

Forming Letters in the 'c' Family (Video 2)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'c' family correctly.

Forming Letters in the 'l' Family (Video 3)

Forming Letters in the 'r' Family (Video 4)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'r' family correctly.

Forming Letters in the 'z' Family (Video 5)

Learn how to form the letters in the 'z' family correctly.

Handwriting Size (Video 6)

Practise keeping your letters an accurate and consistent size and position in relation to the line.

Handwriting Challenges (Video 7)

Apply your knowledge of letter formation to challenge yourself just like Achiever Ace.

Bottom Joins (Video 8)

Begin learning cursive handwriting by practising joining these letters on the line.

Top Joins (Video 9)

Learn to use horizontal joining strokes to join the letters 'o', 'r', 'v' and 'w'.

Capital Letters (Video 10)

Learn how to form capital letters accurately.

Hello from Lockdown

Update for parents and children 18th May 2020


Hi Hedgehogs,


This week we have provided you with a slightly longer writing task and some more maths problems.  If you would like to extend your maths learning further, you can practise subtraction as well as addition.  Your reading task for this week is to read a book of your book band colour and then retell the story in as much detail as you can, to an adult, without looking at the book for clues.  


You will have noticed that last week I uploaded a PDF entitled 'Commotion in the Ocean Home Learning'.  This document contains ideas for geography, history, science, computing, art, DT, PE and music home learning.  These tasks are optional, however, due to the fact that we are still not back at school we wanted to provide you with activities that relate to what would be our current topic, 'Commotion in the Ocean'.  There are some useful PowerPoints to accompany some of the key learning here that I have also uploaded below. 


I will phone each of you again this week to see how you are, however, please feel free to contact me at school, if there is anything more that you would like access to or if you have any questions. 


Best wishes, 


Miss Dyer

Introduction to Vowel Sounds

Welcome to our introduction to vowel sounds. A video for parents to support you in practising the nonsense words with your children that were uploaded last w...

Long Vowel Sound - Nonsense Word Examples

A video for parents to support you in practising the nonsense words with your children that were uploaded last week. This video provides an explanation of lo...

Phonics Support:


Attached below are some videos to help you and your parents know how to pronounce the pure sounds.  These videos cover every sound taught in our phonics scheme 'Read, Write, Inc.'  There is also a video that explains how we blend these sounds to read both real and nonsense words.  I hope that you find these videos useful.


Note to parents: By this stage in the year, most children have either learned every sound, or are currently learning the set 3 sounds, however, it is useful for them to continue to practise blending to read real and nonsense words.  This will help them to decode many unfamiliar words that they encounter in their reading. 


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Miss Dyer

Phonics - Set 1 Sounds

Can you help Fred revisit the Set 1 sounds?

Phonics - Set 2 Sounds

Fred learns to read the Set 2 sounds - Can you help Fred recognise the special friends?

Phonics - Set 3 Sounds

Continue to practise recognising the special friends to help Fred read the Set 3 sounds.

Phonics - Blending to read

Fred needs your help! Fred knows his pure sounds, but can you help him blend these to read real and nonsense words?

Update for children and parents 11th May 2020


Hi Hedgehogs!


It was lovely to speak to each of you last week.  I enjoyed hearing all about your home learning and the other things you have been doing to keep yourselves busy during this time at home.  I can’t believe how many of you have learned something new, like tying your shoelaces, cooking, gardening or riding your bike without stabilisers.  I am very impressed!


Phonics and Reading:

This week, please continue to watch the Ruth Miskin videos on YouTube, if you are able to do so.  Even though many of you already know the sounds, it is good to practise using F-r-e-d talk to read unfamiliar words and using F-r-e-d fingers to spell.  Remember that if you run out of reading books on your colour band, you can use the Oxford Owl website to find others. 



In addition to the maths activities provided this week; please continue to practise using an analogue clock to tell the time to o’clock and half past the hour.  If you have a toy clock at home, you could ask an adult to move the hands and test you on these times.  An adult can also give you a time and ask you to draw the clock face with the hands in the correct places to show that time.  In addition to actually learning to tell the time, you could use a timer to time yourself doing something like getting dressed or doing a puzzle and have discussions with an adult, using the following terminology; hours, minutes, seconds, quicker, slower, earlier, later etc. 


Well done to the children who have been working hard to learn the names of common 2D and 3D shapes.  This week, you could draw a picture made out of 2D shapes and then label the shapes you have used.  You could also build something out of 3D shapes and explain to an adult the shapes you have used. 


Please also continue to practise learning the values of coins and notes.  Lots of you told me that you have been playing shops to do this.  Well done!


Spelling and Writing:

Lower down on this page you will find the word mats for spelling and writing tasks.  I was very impressed to hear that some of you are still learning ten spellings each week and having a weekly test at home.  Please continue to work on the words that you find tricky on the word mats.  It’s great that some of you are really trying to keep up your stamina for writing.  Here are some ideas for extended writing opportunities:

  • Write some letters (perhaps addressed to your neighbours, your teacher, an NHS worker, a friend or family member that you miss, an elderly person who can’t leave the house, Boris Johnson or Captain Tom Moore) – make sure you ask an adult before writing to someone you don’t know!
  • Keep a diary and write a few short paragraphs each day (one day in years to come, many people will ask you what it was like to live during the outbreak of COVID19.)
  • Write some instructions (this could be to help a friend learn how to do a new skill that you have learned, how to make something or how to play your favourite game).
  • Write a shopping list to help your parent (then use F-r-e-d fingers, a word mat or a dictionary to check the spelling of the words you have written).
  • Read a story or watch a film and then try to retell as much of the narrative as you can remember in your own words.  You can look back at previous writing home learning tasks to access the writing check list.
  • Work on your cursive handwriting (you could copy a passage of writing, making sure you keep every letter a consistent size, the right way round, on the line and joined using an appropriate joining stroke). 


If you require any additional advice or resources, have any questions about any of the home learning or would like to share any of your work with me, please feel free to phone or email the school office. 


I am thinking of you all and am proud of every single one of you.


Take care.


Miss Dyer

Update for children and parents 4th May 2020


This week we have uploaded some more questions for some of the texts that can be read on the Oxford Owl website.  Remember, that you can find a range of colour-banded books to read online.  It is really important that you are able to answer a range of questions about what you have read, to check that you are fully understanding the text as well as being able to read the words.  In addition to the daily online phonics sessions, I have uploaded some videos to help parents understand how we pronounce each sound and how we blend sounds to read words.  This should help any grown-ups who struggled with last week’s alien words task.  If anyone would like further guidance on teaching phonics, please feel free to contact me.


The maths that we have uploaded this week, continues to focus on understanding the value of money and practising the skill of addition.  If you would like to practise any other maths skills at home, you could use an analogue clock to tell the time to o’clock and half past the hour.  You could also practise recognising common 2D and 3D shapes around the home, exploring their properties e.g. sides and corners.


The writing that we have uploaded this week, continues to focus on spelling.  After speaking with some of you last week, I was pleased to hear that you are still working through learning to spell the high frequency words, common exception words, numbers and days of the week.  We have uploaded a poster with some ideas to help make learning to spell fun!  We have also uploaded another optional task, which is a weather diary.  This is just another idea to help make sure you are writing regularly.  Remember you can also write letters, stories or information, to help practise writing at length.


I hope you are all ensuring that you also have time to play and that you are staying safe and enjoying some more time at home, learning with your families.  Hopefully we will be reunited soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to call me at school any time or email the school office, with anything that you would like forwarded on to me. 


Best wishes.


Miss Dyer

Update for children and parents 27th April 2020


In maths this week, we are moving on from counting in ones, twos, fives and tens, however, if you are still finding this tricky, please keep practising.  Our multiplication and division learning journey has now come to an end and we would like you to practise adding (+) and subtracting (-) over the next few weeks.  We are going to begin with adding, however, we will be giving you problems to solve, within the context of money.  With that in mind, the activities for maths this week, are mainly focussed on understanding coin values.  If you complete these and would like to do any more maths you could set up a role play shop and practise ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ toys or items of food.  Can you count out the right money and give the correct change?


For your writing home learning, we are continuing to work on spelling and grammar.  I have attached our colour-coded grammar posters that we use in school, for you to refer to.  This week, we are not setting a specific reading home learning task.  This is because we have uploaded two documents full of nonsense words for you to practise reading.  Children, you will need to show your grown-ups how we look for special friends first, then use F-r-e-d talk and then blend to read the word.  What a load of nonsense!  Remember, the phonics videos are still available for you to watch online and you can still use the Oxford Owl login details (from last week’s reading tasks) so that you can read more books online. 


As Mrs Howe has explained, I will be phoning each of you soon.  I am really looking forward to hearing how you are and what you have been doing.

Take care, Hedgehogs.


Miss Dyer



Update for children and parents 20th April 2020


Although I'm sure it has been different this year, I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter holidays and managed to see some of the lovely weather we have had.  I have uploaded some more home learning activities below.  I hope you are finding these useful.  In addition to these tasks, the phonics videos (see previous update), will be continuing.  Please also continue to use the word mats (uploaded further down on this page), if you wish to keep practising your spelling. 


This week, for your reading task, we have provided you with access to some books that you can read online.  This is to help if you are running out of books that are your book band colour.  We have also written some questions to accompany some of the books.  These are to help your grown ups, so that they know the sort of questions to ask you, during and after reading. 


There are quite a few challenges on the maths document this week, please don't worry if you can't manage all of them.  This is because we will be moving on to something new in maths next week.  The writing task is quite a short spelling activity, so we have provided you with some challenges, so that those who would like to, can practise writing at length.


I have been thinking of each and every one of you, Hedgehogs.  I hope you are finding time to laugh, play, exercise and relax.  Hopefully, we will see each other again soon.  


Best wishes, 


Miss Dyer



Phonics is crucial in year one.  It is a key method in teaching children to read and spell.  At school, our phonics scheme is Read, Write, Inc.  The programme have announced that they will be delivering online phonics sessions, daily via YouTube.  These will be short speed sound sessions, delivered in a style that you will be familiar with from school.  Most children in year one are currently learning, or have learned their set 3 sounds, so we suggest watching those.  However, with phonics, the more practise the children have, the better they will become, so there is no harm in them revisiting set 1 and 2 as well. 

The films will only be available at the times below:

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 0930 and again at 1230
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 1000 and again at 1300
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 1330 and again at 1330

There are also some very useful videos to help parents with phonics at home.  In addition to this, there will be a video uploaded daily of a teacher reading a poem, that you might like to watch and join in with. 

Please visit: 


Home Learning Update w.c. 30/03/20


We have really missed being all together in Hedgehogs Class and we have been thinking of all the children who are currently not able to attend school.  We have added some more home learning tasks for this week, but please remember that all homework is optional. 


Stay safe, happy and healthy.  We hope to be reunited again soon.


Miss Dyer

Update regarding school closure:


On Friday, the year one team said a reluctant goodbye, as we closed school to the majority of our pupils.  It is a difficult time, particularly not knowing when we will be welcoming them back again, but our thoughts are with our pupils and their families.


Each week, we will upload optional tasks for maths, reading and writing task to this page.   We will not be asking for these tasks to come back into school, however, we hope that they are helpful for those of you who are wishing to continue educating your children at home.  We appreciate what a tricky time this is and want to reiterate that the priority for all of us is our children’s health and wellbeing.  We recommend that you spend time outside, where possible and enjoying other family activities, in addition to completing educational activities.


We wish you all the best and hope to be reunited soon.


Stay safe, Hedgehogs.


Miss Dyer


Update for parents:


We are aware that a number of children and their families are currently following the advice to self isolate and therefore we have prepared some home learning tasks that the children can complete during their time off school.  Lower down on our class page, you will find some reading, writing, spelling, maths and science tasks.  Your child should be able to complete these activities with minimal help.  Some tasks are written, some are practical home learning ideas and others are online activities. If you think your child would benefit from the structure and routines of school we are devising a timetable which you may like to follow.


We would like to reassure you that the children who are currently still attending school are being encouraged to wash their hands regularly.  I have been very impressed with how sensible the children have been with this.


We are continuing to teach as normal and the hedgehogs are thoroughly enjoying their current science project, ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’  Each child has had the opportunity to plant a fruit or vegetable, as well as help Mrs Wallace with some gardening in the outdoor area.  


I will endeavour to update this page regularly for those of you who are currently unable to attend school.  I hope you find the resources useful.  If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to phone me at school.


Stay safe.  


Miss Dyer.


Welcome back! 


It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school. They have settled back in brilliantly and we have all enjoyed hearing about their exciting Christmas break.  I am very impressed with all of the children who have completed their holiday homework.  


This half term the children will be learning all about Neil Armstrong in our next project ‘Three, Two, One… Blast Off!’  Please see the integrated learning unit for this topic, which can be found further down on this page, for information about the learning that will take place this half term, as well as ideas for a home learning task.  


I am very much looking forward to discussing your child’s progress and next steps with those of you attending parents’ evening, however, please remember that my door is always open.


Wishing you a very happy New Year.  Miss Dyer.



Wow!  I can’t believe it is half term already!  The time has flown by!  We have now completed our first topic (Snails, Tails and the Nature Trail) and the children have applied all of their science knowledge, in order to help Mr Green improve the school grounds.   


This half term break, we have sent home some spellings and some optional homework activities, in order for the children to consolidate their learning at home.  Each week, I will upload the spellings to this webpage, in addition to sending them home with your child.  


Our next topic is ‘Food Glorious Food’ and we have a very exciting day planned for the children’s return to school.  You will find more information about this project on the integrated learning unit below. 


Please remember that I am available at the end of every day if you have any questions, queries or concerns or would simply like to discuss your child’s progress so far.  Miss Dyer


 Welcome to Hedgehogs!



Welcome back to school and a very warm welcome to Hedgehogs' Class.  This year the children in Hedgehogs will be working with myself (Miss Dyer), Mrs Card and Mrs Isherwood.  


All three of us have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children better and we have been very impressed with how quickly each child has settled into their new Year One class, new routines and new responsibilities.  The Hedgehogs have all been fantastic.  Their behavior is excellent and they have demonstrated many of our school learning values already.  In particular, we have been impressed with how well the children’s confidence, independence and resilience is developing.  


Lower down on this page you will find the long term curriculum overview for the year 2019/20.  This outlines the projects that your child will study this year, as well as other key information for Year One.  You will also find a copy of the integrated learning unit for our first topic, ‘Snails, Tails and the Nature Trail’.  The integrated learning units will be uploaded for each project and are designed to outline the knowledge and skills that your child will learn throughout each half term, as well as some ideas for how to support them at home.


I will endeavour to keep our class webpage up to date with correspondence, spellings and a range of other resources to help you further support your child’s progress at home, however, if you think of anything else you would like access to, please come and see me at the end of the day.  I am available daily and I am more than happy to help.  Thank you for your support.   Miss Dyer.