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Snow Closures

School Opening & Closure Procedures in the Event of Snow
At Foxhills School we have a robust process in place and this is a good time to remind you of the procedures for informing you about possible school closure.
The school will remain open if possible but will close if:
·         It is dangerous for people to get to school or dangerous at school

·         A majority of staff and pupils are unable to get to school
Our website and the Hampshire County Council School Closure website will be updated as soon as we know.  Information about all schools, showing if they are open or closed, is on the LA school closure website.  This is especially helpful if you have children at two or more schools.  Links to these websites are shown below:
Where parents have signed up to our texting system, we will send a text out as soon as possible.
It is therefore a good time to remind you of the procedures that will be used to keep parents informed:
·         By far the best way to keep yourself up to date is to use the two websites.  Our website is updated regularly and will not only say if the school is closed but on days where there is any doubt, will confirm that the school is open if this is the case.  The advantage of the school website is that staff can update it even when they cannot get to school themselves.
·         Radio stations will broadcast a list of schools that are closed
·         Wave 105FM and Radio Solent also publish a list on their websites
·         If parents or pupils telephone the school, we will try to answer the phone as soon as possible, but can we please reiterate that using the website if you can will be the most reliable method.