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Welcome to Ladybirds!



Summer Term

Wow, hasn't time flown by! Soon the children will be moving on to Year 1.

Last half term we managed to visit Longdown, have pet's week, go on a mini-beast hunt, do a maypole dance at the spring fayre and watch our caterpillars grow.

The children are moving quickly in their phonic groups and are making good progress.  We have been looking at numbers up to 20 and will continue to do so over the remaining weeks.

Please read the parent communication letter for ways to help your child this term.

Thank you







After the exciting escapades of Supertato and friends we are moving onto our Bear topic, starting with We're going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, followed by  a trip into space with Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and lastly a vist to the Three Bears cottage. To end this topic the children will be making sandwiches as they prepare to invite you and their bear to a Teddy Bear's Picnic for Celebration of Work.

As the children progress with their phonics they will be expected to read and write simple sentences and learn to read (on sight) and spell the red words which will be sent home  for practise, as will the ditty sheets which are for extra reading practise.

Please see below for parent communication letter regarding this half term's curriculum if you did not receive it via school email.




Happy New Year


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and thank you for all the super homework which has been returned, I was quite surprised by the amount of children who told me they actually ate the sprouts on the tally/recording sheet!

We have started the term by looking at some of the toys the children had for Christmas. The children have been practising their speaking and listening skills and demonstrating their understanding by the types of questions they have been asking and their responses given. Over the next few weeks we will be examing different types of materials,  looking at the history of toys and how some toys differ around the world.



Apologies if you have wondered why Ladybirds class page hasn't been updated for a few weeks, unfortunately the last two updates seen to have disappeared so I am hoping this is third time lucky! However some missing documents have suddenly reappeared so there is a plus side:)

The children have come back refreshed and eager to learn after the half term holiday only to discover a broken branch in the garden and several homeless animals which has inspired them to think like Percy the Park Keeper. They have been very busy using their problem solving skills, often working with others to build animal homes and bridges, making improvements where necessary and testing out their ideas. This week we have looked at the story of the Owl Babies by Martin Waddel, discussing the meaning of words like 'nocturnal, swooping, flapping, ivy and fuss'

In number time we have been looking deeper at the numbers to five. The children have looked at pictures to find amounts and been encouraged to investigate further, for example  can they see the pattern of four on the die, represent a tally of four, draw four objects, write the number, add or take away amounts to equal four, find the fourth person in a line, double it and halve it.

In phonics it has been lovely to see how much progress the children are making, thank you for reinforcing this at home. The sounds we have looked at so far are m,a,s,t,d,i,n,p,g,o,c,k,u,b,f,e, l, h, sh, r, j and v (sh is what we call a 'special friends', two letters one sound). In word time we have been practising reading words like mat, sad, is, bed, jet, etc.






The children have now been in school for two whole weeks and have settled well, thank you for leaving them at the door as this has made the transition so much easier for all. We have started our phonics and this week the children have been practising the sounds m,a,s,t,d, please keep going over these sounds at home, there is a link at the bottom of the page to assist you should you need it. This week we are looking at i, n, p, g, o and next week c,k,u,b,f.

Don't forget to come to our parent workshop on Wednesday 26th September to find out more.



Mrs White and Mrs Jenkinson are really excited to welcome you to our Ladybird class and would like to thank you for the warm welcome you have shown us during the home visits last week. It was lovely to meet your family and pets and find out about all the lovely things you have been up to over the summer.

We can't believe how quickly you are settling into school  and learning the daily routines, well done everyone.

If you have any worries or questions, no matter how insignificant you think they are,  please do not hesitate to speak to one of us. 

We hope you are looking forward to the term ahead as much as we are. 




Keep checking our page as more updates coming soon.


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