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Safeguarding Our Children

At Foxhills we hold the view that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play in safeguarding children. At all times, every adult should consider what is in the best interests of the child.

We ensure a safe culture is created in our school by training our staff, so they understand how to avoid vulnerable situations. All staff and volunteers at Foxhills Infant School receive an induction to ensure they understand the school's policies and procedures. This is reviewed annually to keep everyone abreast of developments.   

The school has a code of conduct policy which includes low level concerns. This supports adults in identifying the differences between harm thresholds and inappropriate adult behaviours. These policies guide staff in how to raise concerns which creates an open and transparent school culture.  

Building an Ethos of Safeguarding Children

All staff are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities. The school's 'Safeguarding Principles and Responsibilities' documents support staff in following the advice set out in the school's Child Protection Policy, Keeping Children Safe in Education (2022), Working Together to Safeguarding Children (2018) and The Prevent Duty (2015).  Staff receive regular safeguarding training and safeguarding is a standing meeting agenda item. 


The school has four Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL's). The school's headteacher, Mrs Lucy Howe, is the appointed DSL and in her absence, Mrs Heather James (DHT), Miss Lynsey Grover and Miss Sophie Dyer (Teaching and Learning Leaders). DSL's are available at all times. All staff know how to report concerns and are aware of the signs of abuse and neglect. Any concerns are always addressed and/or investigated. The school works closely with other professionals because we understand that in order to gain insight into children's needs, a multi agency approach is essential. 


Our children are taught how to keep safe as part of the safeguarding curriculum.

At Foxhills Infant School we listen to children and always take swift action to ensure all children are safe.

Online Safety

Foxhills Federation work with our Broadband partner (Oakford Internet Services) to provide safe access to the Internet within school. The school have a filtering Internet solution based on a service provided by Netsweeper. We utilise an Ofsted approve model to ensure Children are safe online, no filtering solution is 100% effective but Netsweeper provides adjustable and comprehensive filtering for all level of users within school.

  • The filtering within school process and scans all search/access requests to ensure they are allowed via defined lists and categories.
  • The school receive regular reports to understand usage of said sites.
  • The school’s service includes monitoring and managed firewalls to mitigate the risk of Cyber threats.

Accessing inappropriate content at home

If your child has access to an Internet enabled device such as a mobile phone, tablet or games console (connected to the Internet) then they have possible freedom to access and view adult and inappropriate content, unless monitoring software has been set up. We strongly advise parents to use monitoring software at home and exercise parental controls. All major providers provide this free of charge.

Please see our Parents tab, 'e-safety', for lots of advice for how to protect your child online

Support For Parents

Are you worried about your child?

Please use the following links to support you in safeguarding your child:

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