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Gardening Club

My name is Mrs Wallace and I run Foxy Gardening club two lunchtimes a week. In February I ask the Year 1 children if they would be interested in learning about: seeds, planting, growing flowers, vegetables and composting.
I then work with these children from the February through to the December (by which time they are in Year 2). This year I had 62 enthusiastic gardeners - I therefore work with the children on a rota basis. After the February half term I start to work with these children planting seeds and showing children how to take care of them in the school greenhouse.
I teach the children about the tools that we use and how to use them safely. We also set to work by preparing our vegetable plot and raised beds.
We also work hard trying to keep the school grounds neat and tidy by sweeping away the autumn leaves (great for the compost bins) and doing the weeding.
All children in Year 1 are welcome to join the Foxy Gardening Club so long as they have a genuine interest in being green fingered. There is no charge to join the club; however any donations of seeds, seed trays and useable plant pots are always very welcome.

Foxy Gardening Club and Mrs Wallace would also like to say a big thank you to Totton Gardens and Allotment Association for their continued  support and sponsorship. Without their help I would not be able to run the School Gardening Club free of charge.

Please be sure to enter the annual competition at the Allotment Shed, Testwood Lane, near the Salmon Leap. This is when children make an animal out of fruit and vegetables and bring it along to the shed. This is usually held in on the first Sunday of October. A flyer will be sent out near the time with all the information on it.
It's great fun to see all the entries and every child gets a small prize just for entering. Bigger prizes of course for the winners.
A big thank you to our P.T.A, for providing us with a garden shed and some lovely child friendly tools and wheelbarrows. Also for the root viewer raised bed.
Goodbye for now from
Mrs Wallace

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year 2