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SAT's Information Evening


Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to our SAT's evening. We really hope you found this useful and answered any questions you may have had about the SAT's. I have uploaded the presentation below for any parents who couldn't come. The following link will take you to the practise materials for reading, maths and grammar which you can download to look at or use to practise with your children at home if you would like to.


I have also added some reading comprehension activities with the answers attached which can be used at home. These are really helpful as they require your child to read a selection of text and write down their answers which is what will be expected of them in the SAT's paper. I would love to see any reading activities the children do at home so please bring them in and I will give out rocket points. 


Please do ask if you would like anything else or more of any materials to be added. Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Flood smiley

SATs Information Evening Presentation

Maths Arithmetic Practise

Welcome Back


Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term break and a well deserved rest. We had a very exciting day today as we took a step back in time to 1666. Thank you so much for all your support with costumes and outfits, I will add pictures soon so you can see how fabulous all the children looked! The Theatre company were very impressed by the children's outfits and remarked how great they all looked! The children throughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot about the Great Fire of London.


I have found some lovely Great Fire of London Games online that your child may enjoy playing. Just click on the links to find them:


Keep an eye out for the pictures that will follow shortly. 


Mrs Flood

Parents Evening


Just a reminder that it is parents evening on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th February. If you have not yet made an appointment and would like to do so then please speak to Mrs Wallace or myself on Monday morning. I have also attached a copy of the SATs information evening letter at the bottom of our class page. I look forward to seeing you all. 


Mrs Flood

Robins at SeaCity!

The Robins enjoyed a lovely day at the SeaCity Museum. We all had such an exciting day and learnt lots of facts about the unsinkable ship! As you can see from the pictures the children were really engaged and involved throughout the day. A particular highlight was the interactive games where the children got to steer the ship, be a stoker and send morse code. After we had explored the museum, the children took part in an exciting workshop were they had lots of different activities. Four children dressed up as significant figures upon the ship and their fate of gaining a lifeboat space was in the hands of the rest of the class! Children then got to handle artefacts, sort smell cubes, fill compartments on a model Titanic to avoid it sinking and fill a model lifeboat with worthy passengers. The children were all so engaged and enthusiastic throughout the workshop. Following lunch, we had a guided tour around the museum and children were given questions to investigate along the way! It was a wonderful day and I am sure you will all agree that the children are really enjoying this topic. The Robins behaviour was exemplary and they are an absolute credit to you all! The Museum staff commented numerous times how well they behaved and absorbed the information. Mrs Wallace and myself were very proud of them all; what outstanding role models for our school! I have uploaded the pictures I took during our day for you all to share. 

Welcome Back!


Welcome back and happy new year to you all! We have loved hearing about all the exciting things the children did over the holidays. The children have come back fresh and excited about our new topic; Who's Aboard! They are looking forward to our trip to SeaCity and loved our visit from our special visitor Andy Skinner. I hope they have told you all they learnt from him about a local lady who was the youngest passenger aboard the Titanic. We have also been very grateful to Kate Mitchell for giving up a day to come in and show the children how to make their very own Titanic model! They throughly enjoyed the activity and cannot wait to share their models with you all at celebration of work. 


Thank you for all for supporting your children with their homework. After February half-term children will begin having weekly homework. The homework will be sent home before this so you can see how your child did but we are marking it alongside your children on a 1-2-1 basis so we can give verbal feedback to them of how they can improve and develop their responses to the reading comprehension activity. Thank you for your patience with this, but as you can imagine it takes a lot of time to speak to each child individually alongside normal day to day learning. 


I have uploaded our new integrated learning unit to the curriculum page on this website. In literacy we are learning how to use co-ordinating conjunctions to form compound sentences. Children have also been busy learning how to group related ideas in their writing into paragraphs. In maths, children have been busy learning multiplication and division strategies and will do this four three weeks before moving on the measures. Please continue to support your child at home by practising their times tables and related division facts for the 2, 5, 10 times tables. 


Thank you for continuing to read at home with your children. I am sure you will all agree that they are doing extremely well and we are very proud of them. This half term; our focus in reading will be their reading comprehension skills. You can support this at home by asking them questions at home when they are reading to you that require them to; read between the lines, take extractions from the text to support their answers, make predictions and make links to other books they have read. If you have any questions, then please ask either Mrs Wallace or myself at the end of the day. Thank you all for your continued support. 


Mrs Flood 

20th October 2016 - End of Autumn 1


What a busy half term! I can't believe how quickly it has gone. The children have all settled in extremely well and both Mrs Wallace and myself are incredibly proud of them all. We have now finished our first topic 'Storytastic' and have launched into our 'Go Wild' topic, which the children are enjoying very much. In literacy we have been learning how to write in the past tense and have learnt how to spell and use past tense verbs to make our writing more exciting. We have also been learning about how to use time connectives as an interesting way to start our sentences. We have all tried very hard not to start sentences with 'and' as this is a connective used to join ideas in sentences! In maths, we have now finished our place value unit and have started our addition and subtraction work. This will continue after half term so if you could practise some addition and subtraction throughout the half term, then your support would be appreciated. Your child will bring home copies of the first 100 High Frequency Words and the 64 Common Exception words. By the end of Year 2, children are expected to be able to read these confidently and spell them correctly in most of their writing. Please do continue to practise these words with your child during the half term holidays. Thank you to all parents for your continued support with reading at home, this really does make a difference and is ensuring that your child is making good progress in their reading development. We hope you have a lovely restful week off and will look forwards to seeing the children after half term. I will be giving out rocket points for any work the children complete throughout their holidays. Perhaps they could write a recount of something special they do during the holidays or write a story to entertain. Or perhaps they could do some handwriting or maths work. We can't wait to see and hear what you have got up to during your holidays. 


Mrs Flood  smiley

Spelling Update


Thank you to all parents for your continued support with helping your child to learn their spellings. Just a little update to say that we will continue to complete their spelling test every Thursday with the first week being words only and the second week the word within a sentence. The spelling books will be sent home in your child's book bag every Friday for you to share. Please can we remind you to ensure that the spelling test book remains in your child's book bag so that they have it with them in school on a daily basis. On the weeks that your child is tested on the word within the sentence the child will only get the mark if the word is correctly spelt in a sentence that is punctuated correctly with a capital letter and full stop. This way of testing is helping to provide your child with opportunities to apply the skills that they have learnt during literacy lessons to their writing. Encourage them at home to check their sentences carefully.


Thank you


Mrs Flood. 

Welcome to Robins!
Mrs Flood welcomes you to the Robins page of our school website! 
This year in Robins class the children will be working with myself (Mrs Flood) and Mrs Wallace.
Welcome to Year 2, I am so impressed with how well you have all settled in. I have enjoyed hearing all about the lovely things you did during the summer holidays. So far the Robins have been busy getting used to new routines and have been finding their way around the classroom! I have been so impressed with the amount of children that completed the Big Read during the holidays, it has been lovely to see them beaming whilst sharing their certificate and medal with the class. I have attached some pictures below for you all to see. The children have today chosen a reading book and brought this home along with their new reading diary. Every time you read with your child at home, please ensure it is recorded in the reading diary as these are checked weekly. Please ensure that these are kept in book bags as it is important that these are in school daily so we can also record any reading to update you on your child's progress. 

Our first topic this half term will be "Storytastic" and we are very lucky to have Mike Brownlow an author visiting us in school on Monday. He will be delivering a workshop to the children to motivate and inspire them to write and will also be running a book sell and signing session after school. A big thank-you to the PTA who have very kindly agreed to fund this for us. We are very lucky to have their support and wouldn't have been able to do this without them. 

I will be keeping this page up to date with as many things as I can, but if there is anything you think I can help you with by putting it online for you all to see, then please do let me know. I am available daily, so if you do have any concerns or questions then please do come and see me at the end of school. 

Mrs Flood smiley

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Picture 1 Finley - Big Read Certificate
Picture 2 Austin - Big Read Certificate
Picture 3 Liam - Big Read Certificate
Picture 4 Daisy - Letter from the Tooth Fairy!

SATs Information Evening Letter

'Go Wild' Topic Overview

'Storytastic' Topic Overview