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Year 2 - Robins


Welcome back for our final half term together! I can't believe the children are beginning their last half term here as a Robin! We have launched our exciting final topic and the children enjoyed a special visit from Mr Willy Wonka himself! They enjoyed our visit from Asda, where they had the opportunity to taste many different chocolate products! What a tasty morning they had! The Robins have started thinking carefully about their chocolate bar and what it will look, taste and be wrapped like! I am amazed by their lovely ideas! I think Mr Wonka will have a hard job judging the competition! It's lucky that the Asda ladies have agreed to come back and help! Please continue to read and practise reading the time on a clock with your child daily to support their learning at school. Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Flood

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Ahoy There!


Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely spring break! The children have returned to school and found a treasure map left inside our classroom! On following the map, we were lucky enough to find the treasure of Foxhills! I am sure your children will enjoy telling you about it! In maths, we have started to use column method to solve addition and subtraction problems in the context of money. Please read the progression in calculations document for addition and subtraction below to see the method that we show the children. We appreciate your help and support in practising this method at home with your children. In Literacy, we have enjoyed listening to and discussing pirate poetry! The children will be writing their own selection of pirate poems this half term before writing their own pirate house swap story! As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Wallace at the end of the school day. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Flood 

Fire Fire


The Robins are really engaged and enthusiastic about our new topic. The Great Fire of London workshop was extremely popular with the class and they all looked great in their costumes. Thank you for your time and support in ensuring your child had a costume as this really added to their overall 1666 experience (pictures to follow)! I am so impressed with all their knowledge about this significant past event and consequently they are producing some excellent writing! They have enjoyed using the lyrics of 'The Great Fire of London song' to help them remember key features of the event and I promised the children I would put the link for the song on here! The link is with the Great Fire of London game further down the page. 


New spellings came home on Friday and I have put them on here for you to access easily. If you scroll right to the bottom of the page you will see links to them. When reading with your children at home, please remember to focus on their comprehension by asking them lots of questions about what they have read. If you have any questions then please come and see me. 


Once again, thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Flood smiley

SeaCity Trip


The Children really enjoyed their trip on Monday to SeaCity. It was lovely to see them so excited and enjoying their selves as they found out lots about the famous 'Unsinkable Ship'. The day started with some self-guided discovery time where the children explored the museum. They loved the interactive games such as stoking the ship, morse code and steering the ship. They enjoyed having their photos taken on the 'Grand Staircase' and whilst having a go at the interactive activities. The children then met up with Andy Skinner our guest speaker from school who gave the children a more detailed tour around the museum. They talked about the crew, passengers and facilities aboard as they went around. After lunch, the children took part in a range of activities in the learning deck. Four of the children dressed up as crew members and passengers and discussed the different people aboard the ship. The children also handled artefacts, sorted smell cubes, organised lifeboat spaces and investigated the sinking of the Titanic throughout the session. I have uploaded some pictures above for you to view. I am sure your child has enjoyed telling you about their day.


Throughout the day, the children behaved impeccably, listening to instructions and following them quickly. It was a pleasure to take them all out and it was down to the responsible behaviours that they displayed that we had such a lovely day. Responsible Roo was extremely proud of the Robins. We would also like to say a big thank you to our parent helpers the trip wouldn't have been so successful without you all. 


Mrs Flood, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Parrish smiley




Welcome Back - Happy New Year


The children have settled back in very well and have loved sharing all their news with us about their festive break! We have enjoyed hearing about their Christmas! The children have started their new topic 'Who's Aboard?' and really enjoyed our visit from Andy Skinner - a relative of Milvina Dean. The children left his workshop enthusiastic and have already thought about lots of questions they need to find the answers to. The topic overview for 'Who's Aboard?' has been put into the termly updates section of this page. We are looking forwards to our trip to Sea City on the 29th January. Thank you to all the parents who have already sent back the consent forms for the trip - just a reminder that we do need these as soon as possible please. Thank you for your continued support. Happy new year. Mrs Flood smiley

Using a number line to solve missing number problems!

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Maths - Step 2 - I am learning to add numbers using pictorial representations.

Welcome Back!


Wow! Where do I begin, we've had a super first half term with the lovely Robins and throughly enjoyed our first topic together. The children have settled in so well and I feel very proud of them all for making the step up from Year 1 to Year 2 brilliantly. I can't believe how much we've accomplished in our 'Whole World in my Pocket' topic and it's great to see the progress that they are making in their books! I am sure you were all very proud of your children at celebration of work and seeing how far they've already come in such a short space of time! From talking to the children the highlights of the topic was receiving their map puzzle from Barnaby Bear and they have also all throughly enjoyed making their non-fiction books about The New Forest and The Amazon Rainforest. The work they have produced is exceptional and it was lovely to watch as the children proudly showed you all their work. 


The children returned today fresh and ready for our new term together! We've had a very exciting day as we launched into our 'Storytastic' topic and had a visit from two authors! The children had great fun listening to their workshop, making their own shoes to be used as a stimulus for writing and finally planning their very own 'lost shoe' story. The children will be writing their own stories tomorrow during literacy and are very excited about this! We had some lovely shoe ideas today including horse shoes, football boots and a 'JoJo Bow' inspired shoe! In the run up to Christmas the children will also begin preparations for our end of term production of 'Cinderella'. Please find the attached topic overview below for full details of what your children will be learning in 'Storytastic' this half term. 


The Robins class also received a very exciting certificate today in assembly for the 'best class participation' towards the NSPCC's Boogie Bounce day. Thank you so much to everyone for your generous contributions towards this worthy cause. 


Thank you for all your continued support. It is lovely to see how much the children have been reading and doing extra work over the holidays. 


I hope you all enjoyed the half term break. If you do have any questions please feel free to come in and see us. 


Mrs Flood :-) 

Welcome to Robins!
Mrs Flood welcomes you to the Robins page of our school website! 
This year in Robins class the children will be working with myself (Mrs Flood), Mrs Wallace and Mrs Parrish. We are also lucky enough to have support from Miss Poole on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. 
Welcome to Year 2, I am so impressed with how well you have all settled in. I have enjoyed hearing all about the lovely things you did during the summer holidays. So far the Robins have been busy getting used to new routines and have been finding their way around the classroom! Mrs Wallace and myself have throughly enjoyed getting to know the children better. We feel very lucky to be working with such wonderful children and are excited to spend the rest of the year learning together. This year we have four little friends in our class ... our learning monsters; Cam, Eddie, Ace and Roo! So far the children have been working very hard to be like this role models and I am very proud of the things that they have accomplished already. 


I have been so impressed with the amount of children that completed the Big Read during the holidays, it has been lovely to see them beaming whilst sharing their certificate and medal with the class.  The children have today chosen a reading book and brought this home along with their new reading diary. Every time you read with your child at home, please ensure it is recorded in the reading diary as these are checked weekly. Please ensure that these are kept in book bags as it is important that these are in school daily so we can also record any reading to update you on your child's progress. 

Our first topic this half term will be "Whole world in my Pocket". The children have all received a letter from Barnaby Bear asking for their help! Inside was a map that was cut into pieces with two countries missing! The children quickly identified that the missing countries were Brazil and the United Kingdom. Poor Barnaby Bear is in the United Kingdom but wants to visit his friend Eliana in Brazil! He doesn't know how to get there and requires the children's help! They will not only help him but learn about the countries as they do. They will all make an exciting information poster to compare the United Kingdom and Brazil for you to see at celebration of work! 

I will be keeping this page up to date with as many things as I can, but if there is anything you think I can help you with by putting it online for you all to see, then please do let me know. I am available daily, so if you do have any concerns or questions then please do come and see me at the end of school day. Thank you for your continued support. 

Mrs Flood smiley

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Great Fire of London Song

Great Fire of London Song

Long Term Curriculum Map 2017-2018

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