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Learning Video - Using a number line to solve problems!

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Step 2 - I am learning to add numbers using pictorial representations.

Welcome to the Kingfishers!


Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Foy and Mrs Chiverton welcome you to the Kingfishers class page!


We have completed our first half term and have enjoyed learning all about Barnaby Bear's visit to the New Forest and Brazil! He set us some exciting challenges and gave us a tour of the countries which make up the United Kingdom. It was interesting to learn about the different habitats which make up the New Forest and finding out about the importance of the heathland for the  plants and animals living there. Did you know that the new Forest heathland is home to all six species of reptiles found in the United Kingdom? We really enjoyed finding out about the habitats and wildlife of the New Forest. We have posted a link to a video clip the  about the heathland presented by wildlife expert Simon King.


We also visited the Amazon Rainforest with Barnaby Bear and his friend Eliana. The rainforest is home to an immense variety of animals and plants. We were amazed at the colour and patterns on some of the reptiles, such as the poison dart frog! Our books about the two places were wonderful: we tried very hard to use all the writing skills we have been practising to produce good quality pieces of writing. We hope you enjoyed reading them!


After the half term holidays, we are looking forward to another exciting topic-Storytastic!  To lead us in to this, we have arranged for a author-led workshop, to be held on Tuesday 31st October, the first day back!  The children will enjoy creating a story 'prop' as well as writing their version of a 'Cinderella' story! 


We wish you a happy half-term and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 31st . Enjoy the break!


Best wishes from the Kingfisher Team 


We will update this page throughout the year but if you think of anything you would like added then please do pop and see us after school. 


Mrs Lindsay & Mrs Foy

Long Term Curriculum Map 2017-2018