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Beaulieu Trip

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Well what a great start we have had to our Spring 2 term.  It started off with a fantastic trip to Beaulieu which all of the children really enjoyed, especially the trip on a double decker bus!!


The weather was very kind to us and the children had a lovely time have a trip around the park in Gumdrop, a 1926 Austin 12! 


They travelled around the park on the Monorail and had a lovely time playing in the park.


They saw lots of different cars in the museum including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The orange Outspan car, Bluebird, Formula One cars and having fun dressing up, in the old hats they used to wear out driving in the early days of motoring.


We also had two goes on Wheels ride showing us how travel has changed over time.


It was such a lovely day and all of the children were very worn out by the end of it!


See the photographs taken of our lovely day.

Learning Videos - maths


We have introduced some learning videos to share the children's learning journeys and strategies that we are using in maths. The introductory video introduces the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and the steps on the learning journey. In subsequent videos we explain each strategy in more detail. The learning videos can be found on Hedgehogs class page, we hope they are helpful!


Christmas 1
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