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Reception - Ladybirds

Welcome to Ladybirds!


What a start to the half term we have had already! We all enjoyed the Cinderella pantomime and our first few days back learning about Cinderella.

We have started with toys for this half term, we have already met your soft toys and found out why they are important to you.

We have looked at moving toys and found out how they move and what they need to make them move. 


The Ladybirds had a visit from that Evil Pea, he even left some poor vegetables trapped in our classrooms. The carrot was stuck down to the table, the broccoli was trapped under a shopping basket and a leek wrapped in toilet paper. That Evil Pea has been so tricky, we have even drawn picture of Supertato and written captions about what he would say to the Evil Pea. What a fantastic week, we cannot wait until Superpants next week.


Please see the parent communication letter for next term below.


In phonics  the children continue to work in groups, some of the children will be working on their fluency as they blend the sounds (Fred in our head) to read and write words and sentences, whilst others will learn to blend orally (Fred talk), hear initial sounds and match sound to letter. To support your child please click on the link below and or visit the Read, Write Inc/Ruth Miskin website.

In mathematics we have looked closely at the number 10. We have worked out how to break the number up and add it back together again, for example 0+10=10 and 10+0=10 also! Over the next few weeks the children will continue to look closely at the numbers to 10 and beyond, including 1 more and 1 less and number order as well as being encouraged to record their findings to show what they know, understand and can do with these numbers.

In music this half term the children will learn a song about Goldilocks and listen carefully to pitch 

Our P.E. this half term is based on dance  and as the children are now getting fully changed into their P.E kits could you please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled.   Thank you.


     Mrs White and Mrs Wort are really looking forward to the term ahead, we hope you are to. 







Keep checking our page as more updates coming soon.


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