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Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and child minders who came to Celebration of work, the children were thrilled and worked really hard to make sure they had something new to show  you. I am sure you were as impressed with their continued progress as I am.


I hope you all had a lovely half term and like myself can't wait to go back to school to see how the beans, tadpoles and cocoons are developing. 


This term we are hoping to look at different types of animals (dead and alive!) and we would welcome any interesting information, books or artefacts to share with the class. 

Thank you to all those who have sent in their contributions towards the school trip so far,  the children are getting excited about their trip to the farm


Please read the parent communication letter below for our learning highlights for this term and ways in which you can support your child.


Please continue to regularly practise reading and writing key words and new sounds, especially the di/trigraphs (2/3 letters=one sound) and counting, ordering and recognising the numbers 0-20, recording information and writing written and number sentences with your child to support their learning and development.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Well done everyone

Mrs White


Keep checking our page as more updates coming soon.


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