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Reception - Butterflies



Miss Till

What an excellent growing topic we have had. I cannot wait to get back to school to see how our class beans, butterflies and tadpoles have grown over the holiday. 


We are moving onto our animal topic next half term. Butterflies please help me by bringing in books or interesting animal objects that you find. I love to build my knowledge and learn things just like you guys do! Thank you.


Your learning is improving every day and Mrs Jenkinson and myself are so proud of your hard work. The work that you do at home is super important to us. It really helps with your work at school. 


Number Time

We have been looking at different ways of solving maths problems such as number sentences, arrays, grid methods, number bonds and cherry picking. Show your Mummy's and Daddy's how you can solve number problems. Over the next few weeks we are going to look into problem solving. Parents if you can support this is any way that would be amazing. Fox example: If I have 7 sweets and there are 3 people to give some to how many would they all get? Does it work? What could they do to solve it? 



We have recently gained ten MARBLES for our jar because all of the butterflies have finished phase two of the key words! I am just so proud of all of you, thank you for your hard work you have been putting in at home. Our sentence work is incredible and I am super impressed with all of you, please take a second to stop and remember finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. 



Keep working hard Butterflies.