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Reception - Bumblebees

Welcome to Bumblebees!




Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Williams


Bumblebee Class have been enjoying learning about bears this half term!  We have been on a bear hunt and made story maps of the swishy swashy grass, the cold deep river and, not least, the BEAR CAVE... We've also been to the moon reading Jill Murphy's marvellous journey of imagination Whatever Next.  Read on to hear about all the fabulous work we have been doing!


Communication and Language

We have been listening and retelling stories all term!  We have also been asking and answering factual questions about space and wildlife.



As well as enjoying stories, continuing our phonics and key word practice, the Bumblebees have been writing their own porridge recipes, speech bubbles for Goldilocks and invitations to a teddy bears' picnic!



We've been learning to recognise and describe 3D shapes, as well as using them to build furniture for the three bears!  What is the difference between a cuboid and a cube? How can we use them to build a bed?  These are just some of the problems we've been solving.


Understanding the World

Baby Bear went to the moon so we decided to find out what the moon is really like!  We have been researching space facts as well as finding out about real life bears...  This week we will be learning about journeys, when we go on our own journey to the post box.


Physical Development

We have been having fun creating Bear Hunt dances and developing our ball skills



How would you feel if your porridge got stolen?  How did Baby Bear feel when his rocket was soggy?  What could Goldilocks do to make it up to the three bears? We've been busy talking about our feelings and looking after our friends!


Expressive Art and Design

The children have been practising their observational drawing skills by drawing bears, paying special attention to their fur, experiment with different materials, such as clay and chalk pastels, and mixing colours using powder paints.  We have also been acting out lots of stories in the role play area.





Don't forget to regularly practise key words, new sounds and share reading books regularly with your child to support their learning and development. The Bumblebees are making excellent progress and you can help us with support from home!



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