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PE and sport premium

Sports Premium Funding
Over a two year period Foxhills Infant School has received £8390 of extra sports funding through the Government Sports Premium funding. The funding is aimed to increase participation in sport, improve the quality of PE lessons and make sure that a broad curriculum for PE is provided by schools.
We aim to provide a challenging, fun and high quality physical education for our pupils in order to gain the skills and attitudes they need to create a lifelong interest in sport. We have always valued the link between PE and the impact on children's health and well-being.
Our PE manager is also a sports coach and provides valuable expertise to all our staff in the teaching of sport.
We will continue to work with New Forest School Sport Partnership (NFSSP), run by Testwood Sports College. This link will enable support for intra school competitions, such as Sports Day and house competitions, and provide Inter-school competitions for Foxhills Infant School children to attend. The link with NFSSP will also enable members of staff to attend training and CPD sessions.
We will be closely working with a specialist PE teacher and Gymnastics coach, throughout the school year. This will enable the school to update and improve the gymnastics schemes of work for each year group, and through facilitating team teaching will give opportunities for our staff to continue to develop their own skills in delivering a high quality PE curriculum; this will be monitored by our PE Subject Leader.
Another focus has been the use of technology to record and review learning in PE. To facilitate this we have invested in child friendly iPads.
In addition this year, Foxhills Infants will also provide curriculum tennis in Year 1, run by Totton & Eling Tennis Centre, and will also use a proportion of funding for additional or replacement equipment.

A review of the impact of the funding so far:

Area Detail Impact
Sports equipment Including the following: football goals, quick sticks for hockey, basket ball and posts   Greater participation in a range of sports and increased interest at playtimes
Sports Partnership membership This provides valuable training and support for staff including the new teaching materials ‘Real PE’. The partnership organises competitions and events across schools. Interactive teaching materials to model pupil responses have made lessons more dynamic
Greater participation with pupils in other schools 
Assessment  for Learning Money has been spent on iPads to record pupil’s performance and skills in PE so that teachers and pupils can review and improve their learning. Improved ability of pupils to review their skills in gym, games and dance as a result of seeing themselves ‘in action’
Specialist Teaching Gymnastic teaching to raise teacher’s skills and experience in delivering the highest quality lessons. Observations from specialist coach demonstrated improved quality of teaching  

In our continued review of the impact of this funding, we will look at children’s improved skills and participation, quality of our own staff’s teaching in PE and parental and pupil feedback. This will be reported to our Governing Body and recorded online for parents in the future.

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