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House Team 'Design a Logo' Competition

During the Half Term holidays, the children were sent home a challenge to design a logo for their 'House' team. I am delighted to say that we had 116 entries, which is a staggering amount! Thank you to all that have entered!

However, there can only be one winner in each team, and the staff at Foxhills Infants School have decided on the winning designs.

A BIG congratulations goes to the following for their winning designs:

1st Place: Kobe DerrickĀ - 5 points to 'Berries'
2nd Place: Ben Hoff - 4 points to 'Apples'
3rd Place: Noah Flynn - 3 points to 'Conkers'
4th Place: Evan Groves - 2 points to 'Pinecones'
5th Place: Jonathan Fry - 1 point to 'Acorns'
Picture 1 1st Place - Kobe Derrick
Picture 2 2nd Place - Ben Hoff
Picture 3 3rd Place - Noah Flynn
Picture 4 4th Place - Evan Groves
Picture 5 5th Place - Jonathan Fry